Metal Fabrication

Are You Looking for Custom Made Steel Structures?

Here is the basic manufacturing process, from design to the finished product:

  1.  Design – trained and qualified engineers who can design your product from basic principles to deliver the optimal solution for customers.
  2. Manufacture – a knowledgeable and experienced team who are able to build good quality equipment in the most cost effective manner. This can include specialist manufacturing such as steel fabrication and laser cutting technology. If you are based in Birmingham we recommend Hutchinson Engineering for an extensive range of metal forming and laser cutting services.
  3. Assembly – carried out by expertly trained in house resources. We are also able to call upon highly trained resources via our network of key supplier sub-contractors, ensuring the continued quality standard is maintained whilst providing an efficient installation. You can also outsource your assembly and finishing to an expert team. This will save you space in your workshop and if done in bulk can also save you money.
  4. Quality Control – equipment is commissioned by our in house resource or via our preferred supplier, maintaining control of the quality standards required for the commissioning process.
  5. Delivery – experienced and capable staff service can collect your order and carry out deliveries.

Industry Practice

Some manufacturers may include scheduled preventative maintenance on manufactured or third party machinery.

Always have a prototype made before launching in to full production of a product in case there are any problems with manufacture or quality from your supplier.

Check costs and contracts thoroughly before committing to a project as once you sign you are liable!

Are you undertaking any new manufacturing projects? Get in touch if you have any questions for our team.

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