Mining Accidents - William Northey

Name: NORTHEY William
Age: 41
Date: 13/01/1866
Year: 1866
Colliery: Shankhouse
Town: Cramlington
County: Durham
Notes: Wednesday afternoon last. John Stead, coal miner deposed to have known the deceased. They had come up from Cornwall about three weeks ago and on Wednesday they went to work at Shankhouse pit, Cramlington about 9 o`clock in the morning. Witness was working at the opposite side to that which the deceased was hewing, and at a distance of about five yards from him. It would be between three and four o`clock in the afternoon when a blue stone fell from the roof of the seam upon the deceased`s head. He was severely injured and died about ten minutes afterwards. They never thought of sounding the stone as they considered it perfectly safe. There were no props at that particular place as there was no room for them. There was, however, plenty of timber lying about if they thought it had been required. Witness had not been accustomed to that kind of work, but to tin and copper mining. The accident took place in the Pillar workings. Witness did not call the deputies attention to the stone, as he considered nothing dangerous. He had no complaints to make against any of the deputies for non attendance to their duties. Henry Dunn, one of the deputies at the Amelia pit, said that at about a quarter of an hour before the accident, he saw the stone. At nine o`clock, previous to the deceased and the last witness going in, he jowled the large stone at the top of the roof, and it sounded firm. The men had shortly before that fired a shot, which he thought might possibly have caused the stone to loosen, but when he examined it he saw nothing to make him believe that it would come down. He had frequently cautioned the men to be careful.This was the whole of the evidence adduced and the jury returned a verdict to the effect that the occurence had been an accident. Widow about to be confined and six children to mourn his loss. (Newcastle Daily Chronicle)

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