Mining Accidents - AYLESBURY Richard

Name: AYLESBURY Richard
Age: 25
Date: 23/06/1843
Year: 1843
Colliery: Braysdown
Owner: Mr Wait
County: Somerset
Notes: 7 killed. The colliers on the night shift prepared for descent and stood upon the runner a platform which covered the mouth of the pit. They attached themselves to the chain by means of a hook and a piece of rope forming a noose for the reception of one leg. They were lifted off the platform by the engine with a view to its being moved over the mouth of the pit so they could be let down. After descending about 100 feet the drum wheel was observed to be revolving rapidly having become disconnected from the main wheel and in consequence of the frightful velocity the men were dashed to pieces on a projecting stage erected a few fathoms from the bottom of the pit. At the bottom waited young John Ashman and 21 years old Richard Pickford. Both were hit by the falling bodies and debris, receiving serious inJuries of which John died in about a week. Richard was said to be "still alive and hopes of his recovery entertained on 8th July, though he had a broken thigh and leg. Of Camerton.