Mining Accidents - FOXWELL Joseph

Name: FOXWELL Joseph
Age: 26
Date: 09/02/1894
Year: 1894
Occupation: Collier
Colliery: Tir-Pentwys
Owner: Tir-Pentwys Black Vein Steam Coal Co Ltd
Town: Pontypool
County: Monmouth
Notes: Run over by trams in the Tillery workings. He and another collier were engaged taking a skip of coal off a pillar at the side of a road down which a haulier was taking a load of trams. The latter alleges that deceased in reply to him before he started down this part of the road stated that they were all clear. Had he been up in his working face he would have been clear on the other side of the rails there was 3 feet space at the side of the rail and 11 feet lower down there was a stall road off the heading into which he might have gone out of the way.