Mining Accidents - BULL William

Name: BULL William
Age: 22
Date: 26/08/1912
Year: 1912
Occupation: Roadsman
Colliery: Charity
Owner: Stanley Bros Ltd
County: Warwick
Notes: On the day of the accident he was acting as assistant on-setter. From the shaft to the brow of the hill, a distance of about 800 yards, the roadway has a dip outbye of 1 in 100. This portion is worked by an endless rope. Sets of 16 to 20 full tubs are sent down clipped with screw clips at each end. These are released from the rope about 150 yards from the shaft when the tubs gravitate onwards. They are steadied by lockers when nearly at the shaft. There were two sets of fixed blocks, 9 feet from the shaft and the other three tub lengths further inbye. After railing some full tubs that had been derailed about half-way along the roadway the bond minder said there was a difficulty in refixing the back-end clip to the rope. He took the set forward with only the front clip on the rope, and fearing the clip would get fast at one of the sleepers, he released it 150 yards above the usual unclipping place. The onsetters were warned of the approaching tubs. Deceased stood in front of five loaded tubs which were standing at the shaft blocks, but impact of the 16 tubs forced these five over the blocks, and pushed him between the cage guide and the shaft side smashing his thigh against the projecting wheel axle. He died 3rd. Sept.