Mining Accidents - MARTIN Alfred William

Name: MARTIN Alfred William
Age: 16
Date: 16/09/1913
Year: 1913
Occupation: Brake boy
Colliery: Southfleet quarry
Owner: Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (1900) Lt
County: Kent
Notes: Deceased was fatally crushed between a wagon and a face of callow at the top of the quarry, which callow was being removed. Eight wagons filled at various points on the face had been coupled together by deceased, and the train was being drawn slowly out of the face up a gradient of 1 in 30, when deceased was observed standing on the buffers between the fourth and fifth wagon. A moment later he was seen between the wagon and the callow bank on face, and the clearance being only 6 inches he was terribly crushed. Why deceased was on the buffers, and how he fell, there was nothing to show. He had been at this work three weeks, and had not been seen riding on the wagons before. Riding on the buffers of wagons was prohibited.