Mining Accidents - MILLER George

Name: MILLER George
Age: 31
Date: 08/12/1890
Year: 1890
Occupation: Sinker
Colliery: Tillery, Vivian Sinking
Owner: Powells Tillery Steam Coal Co Ltd
Town: Abertillery
County: Monmouth
Notes: Nine shots, with 2.5lbs. of gelatine dynamite each having been fired by electricity about 5.30a.m. this shift of men came on at 6 and filled the loosened stone up until 1 p.m. when while a steel point was being driven to get up a stone which had been shaken, one of the shots or part of one which had previously failed to go off exploded, 10 men being at the time in the pit bottom. It resulted in the death of three men and serious personal injury to four others.