Mining Accidents - STONEHOUSE Ruben

Age: 35
Date: 22/07/1911
Year: 1911
Occupation: Timberer
Colliery: Lingdale ironstone
Owner: Pease and Partners Ltd
County: N. Yorkshire
Notes: Stonehouse and his marrow were proceeding outbye at the close of their shift, but instead of using the proper travelling way, which was also the return airway, they elected to come out by the engine plane, probably because it was shorter and cooler. Just before reaching a siding they were warned about an empty set which was standing back and also about a full set which was approaching the inbye end of the siding and coming round a curve. Possibly the deceased did not hear the warning about the full set, as in rushing across the siding to get out of the way of the empty set he was caught by the first tub of the full set and crushed against the wall side He died two days later from his injuries.