Mains Colliery

Mains Colliery, Bamfurlong, was between Dover Lock and Bolton Road. Sunk in the late 1840s it was owned by Cross Tetley and Co. Ltd. from 1866 to 1934 and later by Wigan Coal Corporation from 1934 to Vesting Day 1947. The colliery closed in 1960.

In December 1892 there was an underground fire which led to sixteen men and boys losing their lives. An engine boy made a torch from a paraffin rag to prevent a compressed air engine freezing. Paraffin got on the cylinder and ignited starting a fire.

Those who lost their lives:

Henry Edwards aged 49 years. Collier

Joshua Mann aged 42 years. Collier

John Morrison aged 31 years. Collier

James Towey aged 26 years. Collier

Joseph Mills aged 24 years. Collier

William Evans aged 22 years. years. Drawer

John Ovington
aged 19 years. years. Drawer

John Colebeck aged 18 years. Drawer

George Cleary aged 17 years. Lasher on

Richard Fairclough aged 14 years. Lasher on

Charles Mann aged 14 years. Lasher on

William Owen aged 14 years. Pony boy

William Banche aged 14 years. Pony boy

Simeon Ashcroft aged 13 years. Pony boy

Michael Cave aged 16 years. Spare boy

John Dolan
aged 13 years. Spare boy

Print of Bamfurlong Colliery 14th. December 1892 from the Illustrated London News

In 1908 Bamfurlong Nos.1 2 3& 4. Manager: TF Ritson, Undermanager: James Tickle. The colliery employed below ground 1500 and above ground 270


Mains Nos.1 & 2. Manager: Thomas Robson. The colliery employed 700 below ground and 60 above ground.

Headgear and Screens c.1910

Mains Colliery c.1950

Walking Home for a Bath, Mains Colliery.

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