Storm over Bickershaw Colliery

The PitsThe Storm clouds gather over Bickershaw Colliery, the pit's future as bleak as the coal that was once proudly produced there.

A decision has been taken by British Coal to close the Bickershaw coalfield and with it, 600 mining jobs will perish.

The community of Bickershaw has been devastated by the bombshell news which hit them last Friday. Fears for the pit have been growing following an announcement that the colliery was not meeting its 20,000 tonnes a week productions.

But the sudden move to close Bickershaw completely, has shocked the workforce and now scores of local pit families must come to terms with the realisation that their mining days are over.

The 600 miners are to be balloted on a move to give Bickershaw a stay of execution but, say British Coal, the colliery is unprofitable.

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Photo from the Final March