Defiant Pit Women Still Fight With 'Barbie'

Wives of miners thrown out of work by the closure of Parkside Colliery in Newton-le-Willows are still on the fight and celebrated 200 days of continuous protest with a barbecue.

Rain failed to dampen the spirits - the 25 women, who have staged the protest at the Parkside's gates, have put up with much worse since they set up the caravans on January 18 this year.

One of the women, Susan Wilson, said: "We've tried to make things as comfortable as possible over the past seven months, and the camp is a real home from home now."

The barbecue was designed to keep the women in the public eye, some weeks after the last Parkside miner was given his redundancy and the pit closed.

British Coal are inviting bids form the private sector to run the pit, and tenders have to be dealt with inside of a month.

Susan said: "We're determined to go on protesting for as long as we can. We want to see Parkside open again and our men employed."

Barbecue celebrations for (from left) Linda Tomlison, Chris Hesford, Linda Robinson, Pat Harvey, Betty Evans, Sylvia Pye and Sue Wilson.

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