Pit Vigil Ends

The two year battle to save doomed Parkside Colliery will come to an end on Saturday.

The Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures who have maintained a vigil camp at the Newton-le-Willows sitethrough out that time, announced on Monday that their protests will finish at the weekend.

An emergency meeting was called at the pit camp on Sunday night when two protestors listened to a report described the dismantling process at the colliery as irreversible.

The women plan a final demonstration rally at the camp on Saturday to mast the and of their vigil. before they leave the site.

A spokesperson, for the group said “Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures took the decision to remove the camp on the basis that there is no longer anything we can do to save Parkside Colliery.”

“The government wanted us to go quietly but by not doing that we have focused the public’s attention on the absurdity of the pit closure programme.”

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