Pretoria Pit Disaster, Atherton, Lancashire 21st. December. 1901

In health and strength they left their homes,

Not thinking death so near;

It pleased the Lord to bid them come,

And in his sight appear.

A longer poem that appears on a commemorative paper for the disaster.

They left their homes in perfect health,

They never thought death so nigh,

But God thought fit to take them now,

And with His will we must comply.

We can not tell who next shall fall,

Beneath God's chastening rod,

One must be first, but let us all,

Prepare to meet our God.

A bitter grief of shock severe,

To part with those we love so dear,

Out loss is great we'll not complain,

But trust in God to meet again.

'This hard to part with those we love,

Tho' parting days will come,

Yet let us hope we meet above,

For this is not our home.