The Senghenyyd Pit Disaster, Cardiff. 15th. October. 1913

The most devastating explosion in the British coalfield.

God our help, to thee we come,

In this dire hour of need,

For broken hearts in sore distress,

And homes bereaved we plead.

Distress and grim death we see,

And lips are stricken dumb,

Because the wives and children want,

For those who nearer come.

Let mercy come with pity eye

To ease the sufferers pain,

And may they see affliction sore

Oft brings eternal gain.

All honour to the fearless men,

To whom so much we owe,

You bring us comfort, light and warmth,

Through winter's frost and snow.

Our lives of industry and wealth

The ships which sail the seas,

Remind us daily of the debt

We owe to men like these.

Let wealth and labour, love and cheer,

Unite to give relief,

And may we know the joy which comes,

In sharing others grief.